nikokaran vahdat
nikokaran vahdat


 how can I cooperate honorarily to this institution ?

Entering to charitable command is an invitation . provided that you tend to help the charity honorarily you can send your activity field to us by this " Form" and for more information you can call to the supervision .

 How can I offer to the charity ?

vahdat charity can use your suggestions and declarations to improve it's target .

so your messages are valued by the institution . to send the from , please click here .

 How can I be a supporter ?

making happy and suppling peoples need are the greatest action to god.

we are here to help others . the beneficents can choose the children as their adopted child and accept their expense either cash or things and were depository to your gifts . you can come and meet your children with the presence of social worker in the office . dears who want to choose a child can come to the institution and see the photo of the poor , homeless ... in this way you can support a family or a child.

benefactors who tend not to participate in the Institute can support here to download the registration form and send the completed action states or you can send us here in electronic form .


Account Numbers


The card number (Kheirieh_e_Nikoo Kaaraan_e_Vahdat Foundation ) Tejarat Bank :


The card number (Kheirieh_e_Nikoo Kaaraan_e_Vahdat Foundation ) Mellat Bank : 6104337878798964

IBNA (K N K V ) : IR690180000000000115027948

Saving account in Tejarat Bank ( K N K V) : 0148838062

Checking account in Tejarat Bank ( K N K V ) : 0115027948

Checking account in Mellat Bank ( K N K V ) : 3122311380

Saving account in Mellat Bank ( K N K V ) : 3326104963

SIBA Melli Bank ( K N K V ) : 0102919623006

Persian Bank exchange account ( K N K V ) : IR030540120881100003140009

phone call : 02177490454 - 02177490718 - 02177492429 - 09104567018