nikokaran vahdat
nikokaran vahdat

Children celebrate in breaking the fast in 1395

Children's holiday program in iftar Year 1395

Twenty-fourth day of the holy month of Ramadan, which coincides with the tenth Thursday 95 July of children under the guise of Nikokaran Vahdat charity for with the good cooperation of the Institute celebrated.

In this great celebration hosts, guests are tiny hearts full of love and hope.

From 16:30 pm ceremony attended by children with parents was covered. At the beginning of celebrations for children make shapes and cartoon characters (Batman, Spiderman, butterflies, rabbits) Dear Makeup artist was done by 3 people , After Makeup case, the application by the cheerful music group Uncle Red Hat doll was honest and full of joy and lively environment created for children.

The music during the reception of children with food that was provided by donors, including the respected Institute (milk chocolate, popcorn, fruit (cherries, nectarines and melons) and ice cream) was performed.

In the workshop, clients and donors catering to iftar and dinner in the restaurant hall complex was done by social workers and personnel.

End awards celebration that was funded by two donors respected Institute of separating girls and boys to all children attending the party included  (Dolls, toy cars, guns, sprinklers, domino games, Stationery Pack) was presented.

At the end of all factors and respected institution personnel and aid workers and donors who helped us to better organize this celebration we appreciate.


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