nikokaran vahdat
nikokaran vahdat

Birthday kids Language classes

Thursday till 94/6/12

Thank you must be said that you have a heart of pure dew, you think you have to look innocent disadvantaged children. Have looked, they looked carefully to kindness, affection, thanks Which language can all say? to benefice my think, to what kind smile of his people, the spirit of men and women who sacrificed their happiness of others to queue enthusiasts charity ... good God, thousands of entrepreneurs on the creation of you, what good Pykraynan blown his spirit of what deserves your kindness they had nurtured in the lap of praise thee, O God of righteousness .

Thursday till 94/6/12 One of the charities that are dear professors honorary teaching English to students under the guise of charity does, on the occasion of birth three students in their class were to buy a birthday cake .

I did not forget the birth of your child

You think, that you Shtabyd to help the needy. To you who believe evergreen garden basket of love brings you. You think you have compassion and kindness of God flowing in your veins. I tell you, a good, hearty thee that thy joy to the poor way ahead.Every night I pray will need long arms and eyes underprivileged children will never forget this kindness.

Birthday two students covered by the Worshipful Master Language Institute English class that honors students under 14 years of teaching English to do under the guise of charity, on Thursday was held on 1394/10/24 .


                        We wish the best for our loved ones



Thursday dated 13/3/1395

Amir Hossein 12-year-old's birthday party in Master's classes by donating gift certificates held 300,000 rials specific vigorously.







Thursday dated 1395/2/18
Birthday party three great teacher of English language class students by donating gift cards to 300,000 rials per child and children were held with the Soviet Union abundant vitality.


Thursday dated 1394/11/15

Children covered by the Institute of Language class

4th birthday celebration of loved ones (patients covered) by the Master's and precious Language 300,000 rials awards gift cards to every child who joyfully celebrate this with the master's and children's classes.

              (Professor gracious thanks)



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