nikokaran vahdat
nikokaran vahdat



Nikokaran vahdat charity at the same time during the coming month of October and reopen schools With the aim of increasing public participation and humanitarian activities and better serve the target population of disabled and needy And also covers children's education provider at the beginning of the new academic year .

The first charity bazaar dated October from 9 am till 9 pm first and second place was held Complex Welfare unity.

Crafts and artwork in the exhibition complex trainees include: clothing, bags and shoes, food and ... ready to offer to visitors is appreciated.

The number of patients entrepreneurs in these markets and products to sell works of art are invited to participate in these markets have the opportunity to sell their products.

All personnel and officials have employed all their efforts to host the marketplace with the highest quality are good citizens.


Account Numbers


The card number (Kheirieh_e_Nikoo Kaaraan_e_Vahdat Foundation ) Tejarat Bank :


The card number (Kheirieh_e_Nikoo Kaaraan_e_Vahdat Foundation ) Mellat Bank : 6104337878798964

IBNA (K N K V ) : IR690180000000000115027948

Saving account in Tejarat Bank ( K N K V) : 0148838062

Checking account in Tejarat Bank ( K N K V ) : 0115027948

Checking account in Mellat Bank ( K N K V ) : 3122311380

Saving account in Mellat Bank ( K N K V ) : 3326104963

SIBA Melli Bank ( K N K V ) : 0102919623006

Persian Bank exchange account ( K N K V ) : IR030540120881100003140009

phone call : 02177490454 - 02177490718 - 02177492429 - 09104567018