nikokaran vahdat
nikokaran vahdat


Established by a group of donors and was registered to June 81 and the supervision of the State Welfare Organization has started its activity.

It should be noted that members of the board of trustees before registering charities in other welfare centers as well NARMAK righteous unity in which a large number of isolated children are admitted as members of the Board of Trustees, where he strove And at the discretion of the director of the Social Welfare Board was asked time of well-being in the center of unity to continue their activities. The members of the unity of its activities began in 1376 in the center of well-being.

Righteous unity in charity currently covers 538 households are composed of families, orphans, the disabled, the poor, irresponsible families and orphans and students and students who need financial support to continue their education.

In addition to the unity of charity benefactors from 1386 to directly manage complex, well-being, unity also assumed responsibility, at the center, 120 mentally and physically disabled son aged over 14 years in various workshops (mosaic, carpet , mat weaving, leather gift box, candles) are engaged in vocational training.As well as the rehabilitation of some 4,000 persons with disabilities (physical, mental) Welfare Organization are covered in this regard the development and empowerment of disabled training objectives are complex and better services to the families of disabled people is covered.


Account Numbers


The card number (Kheirieh_e_Nikoo Kaaraan_e_Vahdat Foundation ) Tejarat Bank :


The card number (Kheirieh_e_Nikoo Kaaraan_e_Vahdat Foundation ) Mellat Bank : 6104337878798964

IBNA (K N K V ) : IR690180000000000115027948

Saving account in Tejarat Bank ( K N K V) : 0148838062

Checking account in Tejarat Bank ( K N K V ) : 0115027948

Checking account in Mellat Bank ( K N K V ) : 3122311380

Saving account in Mellat Bank ( K N K V ) : 3326104963

SIBA Melli Bank ( K N K V ) : 0102919623006

Persian Bank exchange account ( K N K V ) : IR030540120881100003140009

phone call : 02177490454 - 02177490718 - 02177492429 - 09104567018