nikokaran vahdat
nikokaran vahdat

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There you can find your own good lovely one or more children as the spiritual son had chosen to accept their financial costs and non-cash donations as long as you can directly offer to your spiritual children of And we will deliver your gift to your loved ones and how often can a trustee of the worker within the institution have met with your child and make sure they are sending aid.

Those who want a child of the family of orphans, the disabled, Sadat cover or students, students of the Institute to assist in the education and cultural affairs, can attend the institution of their children's album of view.

And the person to choose the amount of monthly payment or non-cash contributions to support their individual or family ....

The willingness of many donors venerable institution for information and communication on the activities covered children .


Account Numbers


The card number (Kheirieh_e_Nikoo Kaaraan_e_Vahdat Foundation ) Tejarat Bank :


The card number (Kheirieh_e_Nikoo Kaaraan_e_Vahdat Foundation ) Mellat Bank : 6104337878798964

IBNA (K N K V ) : IR690180000000000115027948

Saving account in Tejarat Bank ( K N K V) : 0148838062

Checking account in Tejarat Bank ( K N K V ) : 0115027948

Checking account in Mellat Bank ( K N K V ) : 3122311380

Saving account in Mellat Bank ( K N K V ) : 3326104963

SIBA Melli Bank ( K N K V ) : 0102919623006

Persian Bank exchange account ( K N K V ) : IR030540120881100003140009

phone call : 02177490454 - 02177490718 - 02177492429 - 09104567018