nikokaran vahdat
nikokaran vahdat

Work Unit


Righteous unity of charity, relying on Allah and with the support of donors and love, according to clients' problems have been a small part of the economic problems of clients to meet on a monthly basis.

And work with approved accounting unit monthly fee depending on the type of client need to resolve problems as pension coverage paid ones.


In addition to the monthly pension paid good unity Foundation to clients with regard to records covered by the end of each month based on each client problem, including women, orphans, unsupervised,The elderly and other funds as scholarships at different levels of education, transportation allowance and rent allowance drug treatment, as long as the patient need to be treated to make them pay.It also should be noted that if patients can travel to the institution because of illness or old age or other cases not maintain personnel affairs of the client to the door of the loved ones and visit the relief.

Supporters assistance

Work Unit Institute, according to the documents of patients and family satisfaction category covered to provide clients with a resume that when you visit orphans and children of donors to the Institute to be supportive Supporters of each month with the help of the children and families ongoing relationships with donors and aid donors have been able to meet the needs of individuals covered a small part of a small but effective steps to take.

Non-cash contributions

Righteous unity charity by donating in-kind contributions to patients and families under the guise of trying and trying to assess their needs is applied. The Institute is part of the non-cash contributions are as follows:

  •  Delivery of food and groceries including meats, grains, rice, oil, etc.

  •  Delivery of stationery and school clothes at the time of the reopening of schools

  •  Delivery of essential home appliances such as gas, refrigerator, carpets, air conditioners, heaters, etc. according to the client needs and a home visit worker

  •  Organizing pilgrimages, especially the disabled and elderly patients

  •  Academic enrichment classes for students covered by the institution

  •  Organization of cultural and recreational camp students on Children's Day and the opening of the book fair

  •  Medical, dental and family counseling

  • Distribution of non-cash stamps families covered by household size


Account Numbers


The card number (Kheirieh_e_Nikoo Kaaraan_e_Vahdat Foundation ) Tejarat Bank :


The card number (Kheirieh_e_Nikoo Kaaraan_e_Vahdat Foundation ) Mellat Bank : 6104337878798964

IBNA (K N K V ) : IR690180000000000115027948

Saving account in Tejarat Bank ( K N K V) : 0148838062

Checking account in Tejarat Bank ( K N K V ) : 0115027948

Checking account in Mellat Bank ( K N K V ) : 3122311380

Saving account in Mellat Bank ( K N K V ) : 3326104963

SIBA Melli Bank ( K N K V ) : 0102919623006

Persian Bank exchange account ( K N K V ) : IR030540120881100003140009

phone call : 02177490454 - 02177490718 - 02177492429 - 09104567018